So dead after hearing a reminder saying “Jadu will end this May”, behind those virtual screens I got teary eyes. On how it all started and it is almost reaching the dead-end to finish. Jadu has become more than a family to me now after that I got an extended family at TechKaro. No wonder, we’ve come this far to hit 4th week. But let’s not forget to make the upcoming months more productive than the ones spent because we have a lot on the plate as a journey to Full Stack Development.

Let’s rollback to Week 4 and catch me in this piece of writing become technical to acing the word “Googliness”.

Week 4- Day1: Git and Github

Git and Github as I used to believe them to be the “same”, which is wrong. You know why?

Difference Between Git and Github:

Git is a version control system that lets you manage and keep track of your source code history. GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service that lets you manage Git repositories.

Concluded: One is a CMD lookalike version control, and the other is more like a GUI type.

Working on Git:

  1. Now all you see is a colorful terminal.
  2. Get your fingers ready, for some dirty commands to push your code locally from your computer to your far-off located Repository you made on Github.
  3. Once you make the folder for your project, you right-click to “Gitbash” here, for that black yet colorful text terminal to show.
  4. Type “git init” (initializes the Git folder)
  5. Then “git add .” (for all [ . ] your files to be added in that folder)
  6. Commit the changes like: “ git commit -m “leave a shirt message here”
  7. Type “git remote add origin <repo link>” (to add your remote repo here)
  8. Lastly, Type “git push origin master” or “git push origin master -u” (To push your code to the remote repo)

Yep, that’s pretty much it. But Still, I choose to upload my projects using the drag and drop feature, which I won’t recommend anyone doing, because as for an international student IELTS is necessary to take admission in foreign, so is Github a requirement of most of the tech companies hiring interns, junior devs or even senior devs.

Week 4- Day 2: Tribe mentality and Googliness

Sir saad is back again with some hot topics in town every Tuesday. Feels like the same Tuesday again when writing this.

Tribe Mentality: How it works to be in tribes, and what’s its worth and importance to us is what we should never miss on. Yet Sir Saad at its best in giving us reminders about the “Together we can” mindset.

Googliness- Life at Google Experience: Sir Saad is a Community Manager at Google. Thus chose the topic wisely to be delivered among the Jadu fellows, on “what it takes to be in Google”.

He adds People at Google are the ones who share the “same values”. Meet a group of people in Google, you’ll realize how good they depict the same. It’s a herd of people who are smart and are chosen to be in their teams.

Furthermore, he mentions how in interviews “uncertainty” can knock at your door, so be sure to “make uncertainty your best friend.

10 key qualities of Googlers:

  1. Striving for excellence.
  2. Being proactive.
  3. Going the extra mile.
  4. Doing something nice for others, with no strings attached.
  5. Being friendly and approachable.
  6. Valuing users and colleagues.
  7. Rewarding great performance.
  8. Having a sense of humor.
  9. Lead like you want others to lead.

The points are quite self-explanatory.

Week 4- Day 3: Advance CSS

In this last class of week 4, we got insights on advanced CSS topics including; CSS Grids and Media Queries.

They both help in creating a responsive website design, which is an important skill for a web developer that its website or application should be flexible and should be for every user regardless of the device size.

That's week 4 at Jadu for me!



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